How many of US make the Effort to take the necessary Fire Preventive Measures?

How many of us are even aware?

According to the FICCI-Pinkerton’s The India Risk Survey 2017, Natural Hazards is ranked the 4th highest risk to businesses and communities. And according to NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau), 18450 fire accidents cases were reported in which 17700 people were killed and 1630 injured!

Many high-rise buildings are on the increase in major cities. There have been a lot of Fire Accidents especially in high-rise buildings throughout the country; be it the Kamala Mills incident in Mumbai, Carlton Towers incident in Bangalore and many other fire accidents in Delhi and Kolkata. A recent incident happened in Mumbai last week-June 2018, where the top floors of a high rise building apartment complex had caught fire, thanks to the brave fire-fighters who helped douse the fire and evacuated everyone in the building within short time-frame.


One main challenge for fire-fighters is evacuation of large number of people from the top floors in a short span of time. As per the safety act,  available safe egress time (ASET) is considered as 2.5 minutes; time to evacuate  from your current position to a place of comparative safety, (an enclosed area protected as per fire resisting standard, and could be an enclosed fire proof corridor, staircase) later on to ultimate safe area.

When you occupy a High-rise building, the below factors have to be ensured:

  • Sufficient number of Fire – Exits should be present and marked clearly
  • Exhibit Fire escape signage boards on all the floors
  • In case of fire or other emergencies, protocols should be in place as to who is to call the fire department and how the building is to be evacuated
  • Keep the exits & fire escape staircase trash and litter free
  • Make sure to place the fire extinguishers handy and learn how to use them
  • Know where fire alarm manual pull stations, extinguishers, other fire detection & protection equipment are located
  • Check the equipment & extinguishers periodically to see if they are in working condition and are well marked
  • Building Structures should follow the National Building Code, Fire Safety Standards, norms and guidelines
  • Buildings should have Fire Safety Licenses
  • Goods to be stored in a planned and protective manner in warehouses
  • Store Hazardous / Flammable materials only in the designated area

A few of the common causes of Fire accidents are:

  • Electrical Short-circuit
  • Kitchen fires
  • Careless Smoking
  • Children playing with fire, candles
  • Faulty electrical system
  • Flammable Materials
  • Unattended heating equipment

So, how can we prevent fire accidents?

  • Ensuring an Efficient Fire System is installed in the building which includes Fire alarms, sprinklers and extinguishers.
  • Exit paths of the building should be clearly marked and occupants should be made aware of the same
  • Fire drills to be conducted in the building so that people are made aware of the protocol during an actual incident
  • Safety audit by the respective authorities and Fire maintenance team should be done regularly
  • Awareness drives in Schools, Hospitals, Residential Complexes have to be done regularly
  • Fire Safety Audit(FSA) should be made mandatory across Industries, Buildings and Residential Buildings

When a fire or emergency evacuation does occur, don’t panic. Keep calm and follow instructions.

Please make sure that you are aware of the Safety measures as each and everybody is responsible! Safety begins with you! Let’s prevent Fire Accidents!


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